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The law firm of Garber & Garber, A.P.L.C., has been representing people in complex family law and criminal defense cases for more than 40 years. We know that being prepared is the cornerstone of a successful legal strategy, and our decades of experience have demonstrated this to hundreds of clients as well.

Attorney Leonard N. Garber is uniquely qualified to handle cases in the Los Angeles area for people who are dealing with family law issues and those who have been charged with crimes. He also addresses situations in which these two areas of law intersect, such as charges involving domestic violence.

Putting A Wealth Of Experience To Work For You

Mr. Garber’s father founded the law firm in 1951, and Mr. Garber joined him at the firm 22 years later. Since his father’s retirement a decade ago, Leonard Garber has been managing the firm himself. The two Los Angeles attorneys, working aggressively and vigorously to protect their clients’ interests, have established a respected practice that California residents can count on to provide excellent service.

When couples, married or not, split up, highly contentious situations can arise. Issues of property division, child custody and visitation, and divorce often require the experience that only a veteran lawyer can provide.

Additionally, when people find themselves facing serious criminal charges, including violent crimes and those involving domestic violence, a strong attorney with experience standing up for the rights of individuals can be a great asset.

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