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Domestic violence charge defenses

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Speak to any person in California who has had someone falsely accuse him or her of domestic violence, and that individual will tell you how difficult his or her life has become. This is why so many attorneys fight for their clients to not only avoid charges from being filed, but also to prove, without a shadow of a doubt that, they did not commit the crime of which they are being accused. The following includes some of the most common defenses attorneys use when defending their clients against domestic violence charges.

The accuser is lying

Unfortunately, lying is the most common reason why someone finds him or herself in court. If your attorney can find discrepancies in the accuser’s story, he or she may simply go the route of calling the other person a liar. Some of the things your attorney may bring up during your court case include:

  • Inconsistent storytelling
  • Injuries that don’t match the accusations
  • The victim not being at the location


In many cases, the accused will tell his or her attorney that he or she was simply defending him or herself from the other person, and that is why he or she needed to use force. Self-defense, if proven, can lead to your charges being instantly dropped and may even lead to the other person being charged. Your criminal defense attorney will look for statements from the accuser that prove that he or she initiated the dispute or that his or her story isn’t consistent.

You are not guilty

This defense is best used when you are actually guilty. It is important to state that because your attorney will attempt to prove your innocence by searching for phone, email and text records that place you in another location at the time of the event.

As you can see from the information above, there are several defenses against domestic violence charges. But it all begins with obtaining the right lawyer to represent you in court. Thus, it is important to properly vet each candidate before approving him or her to defend you and your freedom.