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A look at 50-50 child custody

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Child Custody |

As you go through the child custody proceedings of your divorce, it’s best to work together with your spouse to determine what parenting arrangement is best for your family. One common type that many California couples end up deciding on is 50-50 custody. This type of custody allows both parents to spend an equal amount of time with the children after a divorce.

The various pros of 50-50 child custody

This type of child custody arrangement provides many benefits to both parents and children. The first is that a child gets to enjoy having both of their parents playing an active role in their lifestyle. Instead of just seeing a parent a day or two over the weekend, they get to see them multiple days a week. Multiple studies have shown that children who grow up around both of their parents are more mentally resilient than children who do not.

Another major benefit for parents who decide on 50-50 child custody is that they get to have mental rest breaks. Depending on the specific schedule that you use, you may have your children every other week or every few days. Either way, you get time to rest and recharge while the other parent has their custody time.

The cons of 50-50 child custody

While this type of custody arrangement does provide many benefits for both parents and children, there are some drawbacks to it. One of the biggest ones is the logistics of making the arrangement work. If both parents don’t live close to one another or near the child’s school, it can be difficult to constantly transport your child back and forth between your home and your spouse’s home.