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The drug court program in L.A. is for non-violent defendants

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Residents of Los Angeles and nearby areas of California may want to learn more about the drug court program and who it is for. Not all drug cases are alike. You may qualify if you meet certain requirements and have permission to enter a court-supervised, comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation program.

According to the County of Los Angeles Probation, this service is for non-violent defendants that have an arrest for certain felony drug charges. You might qualify.

What are the steps and procedures they follow?

The court will conduct an interview with the defendant. They will check into the background of the inmate to see if there is any criminal behavior. They may conduct an assessment to see if the participation is allowed. Lastly, the court will verify the information of the inmate and check with the references they provide.

How long is the program and what is it?

The program consists of a comprehensive treatment plan that is supervised by the court. It lasts 6 to 9 months. Group counseling and acupuncture are part of the treatment as well as programs of education and vocational training. There is also help with job placement.

Who monitors the participation?

PTS first interviews the defendant. They then verify that the information is true and correct. If you gain acceptance, the judge will be responsible for closely monitoring your participation.

What are the results of going through the drug court program?

Instead of having to retain a criminal defense attorney, you may have your drug case dismissed after going through the program successfully.

Benefits of this program include dismissal of your drug case, a chance to expand your vocational training and education, help with getting a job and a chance to become sober and free of drugs with self-knowledge through counseling.