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How jury bias affects a criminal case

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Everyone has heard of mistrials caused when professionals do not do their jobs properly. This includes juries who fail to follow the basic rules of the courtroom. There are several examples of jury bias that all defendants and their lawyers in California should know.

Outside information

The only evidence that is admitted and presented in court is valid. The judges and lawyers have to determine what is admissible or inadmissible because some evidence is false or inconclusive. This evidence has to be presented by trained lawyers in a clear and professional manner. A jury member who brings in new evidence from outside of court, whether it is valid or invalid, is committing jury bias. This new information could easily influence the opinions of other jury members and determine their final decision.

Extensive media attention

Some civil and criminal cases are reported extensively in the local, national or global media. This extensive media coverage will influence the opinions of a jury and affect their verdict decisions. Jurors may feel more pressured to vote for a guilty conviction if the case is constantly discussed in the news. An appeal is one option to protect the outcome of the criminal trial and overturn a biased verdict.

Bias is a major concern in criminal defense

Jury bias can seriously affect the outcome of a criminal case. It may result in a mistrial or a successful appeal and overturning of a conviction. As a result, legal professionals must ensure that jurors understand the consequences of selecting a jury and choosing a trial location. Defendants will want to make sure they are getting a fair and competent jury in the process.