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The factors that determine your spousal support payment

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Divorce |

If you are divorcing your spouse, there is a chance that you may receive alimony payments from that individual in the final marriage dissolution settlement. The state of California considers a variety of factors when determining if you should be eligible for such payments. These factors also determine the size of any monthly check that you might get.

Do you have the means to support yourself?

Generally speaking, you will likely be entitled to spousal maintenance if your former partner earns significantly more money than you do. However, if you make enough money to buy your own home, buy a car or otherwise maintain a reasonable standard of living, the amount of your payments may be adjusted downward. It’s also possible that you’ll only receive alimony for a limited period of time after your marriage ends. The idea is that these payments will help you survive until you get more education or find a job to support yourself.

How long were you married to your spouse?

The length of the marriage will typically be taken into consideration when calculating alimony payments. In most family law cases, there is a direct correlation between the duration of the union and the amount of monthly payment. Your age may also come into play when calculating the amount of spousal maintenance that you should receive. This helps to ensure that older individuals who may have opted to run the household while married have the financial resources needed to survive on their own.

Spousal support payments may be available to you regardless of your gender. If your former partner earns a higher income than you, it may be in your best interest to seek alimony payments as part of your divorce settlement.