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Adult children and a gray divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2022 | Divorce |

A divorce can affect children in many ways, and young ones could suffer anxiety and stress over the matter. It could be inaccurate to think that only young children experience pain when parents divorce, but even adult children may feel turmoil. Parents involved in a divorce in California might wish to discuss the issue with their older children.

Gray divorce impacts older children

Even though a child might be middle-aged or older, they could feel sadness at seeing a long-standing parental union come apart. Communicating with the child might be necessary to make sure they understand the reasons for the divorce. Listening to the adult child’s feelings about the matter may make it easier for the child to express bottled-up sentiments.

A gray divorce could be bitter, as some troubled marriages might last far longer than expected. The spouses could have serious problems with one another, as adultery, substance abuse and mental cruelty may factor into the dissolution. Regardless, it might be best to avoid saying anything negative about the other parent to the child. Doing so could create friction and other avoidable problems.

Older parents might rely more on their young children, and a gray divorce could further complicate things. Parents may need to discuss concerns about aging with their children, as retirement plans could change significantly after a divorce.

Further matters to consider

A gray divorce might involve challenging settlement negotiations since both spouses may worry about their financial security. Older adults could worry about retirement savings, and asset distribution and spousal support may weigh heavily on both spouses’ minds.

Financial settlements could affect estate plans, meaning the parents might need to revisit various documents. Keeping the children informed of any financial matters may help all parties better handle the post-divorce period.