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The connection between high conflict divorce and poor health

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2022 | Divorce |

California couples whose marriage is struggling and are considering ending it might end up involved in a high conflict divorce. But the effects of divorces that involve a lot of conflicts go far beyond the struggles that negotiating child custody, division of assets and financial support can cause. They can result in poor mental and physical health.

Why high conflict during the divorce can lead to poor health

When couple decide to seek a divorce, they might do so in agreement and attempt to negotiate solutions to their issues. However, some couples might find themselves fighting every step of the process. These types of situations, full of conflict, can result in tension, stress, fear and confusion, all of which can affect your mental health. These mental health issues can then lead to poor physical health, as the mental struggles often also manifest physically, such as by struggling to sleep and other physical issues.

Coping with divorce to minimize negative effects

There are some things you can do to minimize the mental and physical health effects of a high conflict divorce. They include:

  • Giving yourself time to grieve over the end of the marriage
  • Asking for help and support from family, friends and professionals
  • Taking care of yourself by doing things you enjoy and pampering yourself
  • Allowing yourself to feel the range of emotions you will experience during and after the process
  • Giving yourself the space to feel relief that this stage of your life has ended

There are many reasons people seek divorces. Some couples simply grow apart. Others might struggle with infidelity or addiction. Still others might fight over financial issues. For some, the end comes due to abuse. In all these cases, you will experience a range of emotions that can continue to affect you after the divorce is finalized.