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Making co-parenting work with different parenting styles

On Behalf of | Mar 14, 2023 | Child Custody |

There are a lot of challenges California residents face when going through a divorce. Learning to co-parent can be one of their biggest challenges if children are involved. Thankfully, parents can take steps to work together and raise their children successfully.

Talk to each other

Especially in the days immediately following a contentious divorce, talking may be the last thing on the ex-spouses’ minds. However, the well-being of the children may depend on the parents’ ability to converse about their unique parenting styles. Time can be spent identifying the strengths each parent brings. The conversation should not be used as an excuse to blame or criticize. Instead, the focus should be on prioritizing the children’s best interests.

The importance of compromise

Both parents must accept that there is no perfect way to parent. Some parents are strict, others are permissive, and others fall somewhere in between. If a parent believes their way is the only way, they could create an environment for disaster. Parents who learn to be flexible and not absolute when co-parenting have a higher chance of success. There are some things, especially those involving the safety of the child, that are non-negotiable. However, in other things, parents need to find a middle ground and compromise.

Present a unified front

Parents need to support each other in front of the children. They should avoid teasing, sarcasm, and putdowns, even if emotions are high. The children should see their parents as people who respect and support each other’s decisions. Even when disagreements arise, co-parents can help one another in front of the children and attempt to resolve the issue healthily behind the scenes.

Co-parenting is a never-ending challenge. However, it can be done successfully if each parent approaches the situation respecting the other and seeking the well-being of their children.