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Common factors that can lead to divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2023 | Divorce |

There are many reasons why couples in California and the rest of the country choose to end their marriages through divorce. While financial differences are often a cause that is discussed when it comes to divorce, a survey has revealed that financial reasons are not the most common cause. In fact, according to the survey, finances come in at 7th place.

How your career can impact your marriage

According to the survey completed by Forbes Advisor, the most important factor that led to divorce was the differences between the spouses’ career choices, with 48% of respondents identifying it as a main factor in their divorce. While some spouses could overcome the conflict created by their career choices, others felt it became a significant issue that could not be resolved.

Different beliefs about home and family also impact your chances for divorce

Survey respondents also identified struggles with household responsibilities and parenting styles as significant factors in their divorce. When couples could not agree on the role they would take at home and how they would parent their children, the relationship between them suffered. For many, divorce became the answer, even as they recognized that there could have been a way to avoid the struggle if they had been more aware of their spouse’s views about these topics before the marriage.

Other significant factors that led to divorce

There were other common divorce factors identified by survey respondents. These included:

  • The relationship between the spouses and their families
  • Their social interactions and relationships with friends
  • The choices made by the spouses regarding their health and well-being

With the rate of divorce holding at about 50%, it is important for couples to get to know each other well before entering marriage. Many of the factors listed reflected each person’s upbringing, background and personality, which is at the core of each person’s life decisions.