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For those charged with a crime, worries about penalties and other consequences of a conviction or guilty plea can be overwhelming. Likewise, the process of navigating the justice system can be intimidating for people who haven’t experienced it — and even for those who have.

Having an aggressive, experienced Los Angeles attorney on your side is key when you are confronted with these issues. The law firm of Garber & Garber, A.P.L.C., has been helping clients in the Los Angeles area for more than six decades, and we are eager to put that experience to work to assist you.

No Matter The Charges, We Will Work Hard For You

Attorney Leonard N. Garber has been practicing law since 1971 and has tried hundreds of cases on behalf of his California clients. During that time, he has represented all kinds of clients in all kinds of cases. The common thread connecting these cases is the strong, aggressive representation that attorney Garber has provided his clients in defending them against criminal charges.

His criminal defense practice focuses on several areas:

Attorney Garber also defends people in a broad range of other cases such as DUI, public intoxication, trespassing and vandalism.

Leonard N. Garber has experience with all aspects of the criminal justice system, from administrative hearings and bail adjustments to trials to sentencing and probation matters. When you need an aggressive defense attorney on your side, contact his law firm, Garber & Garber, at 213-674-9751 or complete the online form for more information.

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