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Defend Yourself Against Damaging Domestic Violence Charges

One of the most potentially explosive legal issues that someone might face is that of domestic violence. There has been a great deal of media coverage of such issues recently due to some high-profile cases, particularly those involving professional athletes from the NFL and other sports leagues.

While this coverage has led to a lot of positive dialogue about domestic violence in American society, it also has the potential to be used as a tactic in divorce proceedings, affecting the amount of support, whether one gets support or even if there is visitation with a child. The high stakes in these cases make having a lawyer who excels at both criminal defense and family law an essential component of a successful outcome.

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At his Los Angeles law firm, Garber & Garber, A.P.L.C., attorney Leonard N. Garber has represented countless clients in divorce cases in his four decades as a practicing lawyer. He is also highly regarded as a go-to attorney for criminal defense, particularly among people who have been accused of domestic violence.

It’s that combination that makes him particularly valuable for people who find themselves in a situation where everything is on the line. Going through a contentious divorce is one thing, but when one party accuses the other of spousal abuse, then the ramifications can impact all aspects of family law, including child custody and visitation.

Restraining orders often come into play during criminal and family law cases. Whether you need to have a restraining order put in place, or you need a defense against a temporary and permanent restraining order, Garber & Garber will be a strong, aggressive ally throughout your case.

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