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For married couples with children, a divorce can be traumatic for everyone in the family. Children will have to split time with their parents to some degree; while some arrangements might be fairly equal, others will end up with one parent receiving sole custody. Issues regarding whom the children will spend vacation or holidays with can be difficult to overcome.

The stakes are obviously high in child custody cases. While assets such as real estate and bank accounts can be assigned a dollar amount relatively easily, it is impossible to put a value on being able to spend time with one’s children. That’s why it’s important to hire a lawyer who has your interests at heart.

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While many California parents expect to share custody, this is not always feasible. Much will depend on the best interests of the children. This could mean that a couple shares legal custody — the ability to make decisions on behalf of the children — but only one parent has physical custody. The amount of time and when one get’s that time must be agreed upon or litigated.

Not all custody battles involve married couples. Unmarried parents also may need to hash out custody arrangements and visitation rights. Prior to that, a father may need to establish paternity rights concerning a child.

Once a custody order is in place, the second phase of the custody matter begins: establishing child support. There are a lot of things California judges consider; and if parents are not clear or detailed about what their child needs financially, an order for support may be inadequate for the situation at hand. Additionally, even if an order is granted, custodial parents may run into issues regarding non-payment, and they may need to seek enforcement of an order, all of which requires assistance from a skilled, experienced family law attorney.

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At the Los Angeles firm of Garber & Garber, A.P.L.C., Leonard N. Garber has been handling family law cases for more than four decades. He knows that child custody is a sensitive issue for parents going through a divorce and that coming to a favorable resolution is a top priority. All of these issues require competent, accomplished legal representation, and attorney Garber is that man.

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