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Drafting And Enforcing Child Support Orders In California

One important aspect of family law when parents split up is child support. Family law judges in California often follow guidelines based on income, but other circumstances may affect the amounts. The special needs or abilities of a child can affect the amount of support as well as the amount of time each party spends with the child. An experienced family law attorney can make sure that these considerations are taken into account.

At the Los Angeles law firm of Garber & Garber, A.P.L.C., clients work with Leonard N. Garber, a lawyer with more than four decades of experience handling a multitude of child custody and visitation cases involving child support requests and enforcement. He will advocate for a fair child support agreement based on the financial realities his clients face.

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Child support negotiations can have many possible outcomes. If both parties are willing, mediation could be the best option, but this is not always appropriate. It may make more sense to take the matter to court — and having an experienced attorney to advocate for your position can make a big difference.

Modifications to child support orders may be necessary as well. If one parent’s financial standing changes substantially — such as the loss of a job and the income that goes with it — then it might be prudent to revisit a child support order.

Garber & Garber also handles paternity actions. Paternity cases are treated the same as dissolutions and can have a big impact on child support, visitation and custody. Also, if you have another child in a new relationship, that could affect the amount of support allowed.

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